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FEAR Unraveled!

Starting in the middle of last year, I began having very intense waves of anxiety sweep over me. I can not remember a previous time in my life that this problem had been so powerfully present. After multiple unsuccesful attempts to shake this fear and anxiety, it...

“This is good,” Papa said to me that afternoon, resting His hand on my shoulder. “You’re thinking about and contemplating your promise. Important stuff! And, you’re rejoicing in Me, praying, and looking to Me amidst it. Good job!

“You will be blessed by Me and this is the process. This process is purposeful, this process is beautiful, this process is your opportunity to praise Me amidst the pressure! A beautiful promise opportunity!

“This process is bringing you into promise — so REJOICE in it! Delight in it! Know it’s all purposeful in Me as you look to Me in it, and be grateful and peaceful in this. It’s beautiful, and you’ll be thankful for it; you will be.

“So be thankful now by faith and TRUST IN ME! ?”

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“I know who I’ve made you to be. Don’t compare to this man, that man or any man. You’re not those men, you’re not built as those men. You are My man and I am for you, My son!
“I know your weaknesses, they are many! I made you like this!! I know your need for Me! So rest in My Love and My ability to be your strength in weakness. I’ll help you, My son, lead you and be for you.” He smiled warmly.
Don’t begin thinking about all the ways you are coming up short and you aren’t sufficient in yourself. I am for you, My son! I KNOW who you are! You ARE yielded to Me and willing to follow Me! I’m FOR you!
“I KNOW your struggles, son! I KNOW your weaknesses! I’m helping you, leading you, ‘I’m WITH you always, even to the very end of the age!'”
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Remembering Who He is for Me

This last few weeks have been rough for me. I’ve been close to despairing a few times, and have shed many tears. I’ve felt overwhelmed and had moments of fearing the worst. It has been tough. Yet, He is faithful! I want to include an excerpt of a...