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Valuing Perspective

Watch Mike share Wisdom Wednesday # 6 (VALUING PERSPECTIVE), in partnership with Mission Isla Vista. “The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him.” (Proverbs...

The Vital Lifeline

“Wow… I LOVE you!” I said gleefully as we sat to chat. Your smile emanated loving Light and Your radiant face beamed beautifully. “Son,” You began, “you’re wound up again. It appears you have been putting man’s effort...

Your Best is In Rest

You put Your arm around me and invited me for a stroll along the low, sloping wall of a lovely valley. A blissful, bubbling brook coursed through the heart of the valley. Cheerful little patches of wildflowers in various vibrant colors dotted the low, green grasses....
“I know who I’ve made you to be. Don’t compare to this man, that man or any man. You’re not those men, you’re not built as those men. You are My man and I am for you, My son!
“I know your weaknesses, they are many! I made you like this!! I know your need for Me! So rest in My Love and My ability to be your strength in weakness. I’ll help you, My son, lead you and be for you.” He smiled warmly.
Don’t begin thinking about all the ways you are coming up short and you aren’t sufficient in yourself. I am for you, My son! I KNOW who you are! You ARE yielded to Me and willing to follow Me! I’m FOR you!
“I KNOW your struggles, son! I KNOW your weaknesses! I’m helping you, leading you, ‘I’m WITH you always, even to the very end of the age!'”
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